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Graphic Recording, Illustration and Animation

Welcome to studio animanova, where drawing is carried out with a deep passion for graphic recording, illustration, and animated filmmaking. I’m Christoph J Kellner, the founder of this studio, which has been in operation for 25 years in Berlin with a primary focus on illustration and animation. In 2002, I introduced the concept of graphic recording, which was previously unfamiliar in Germany, as part of my creative services. From the outset, studio animanova has been dedicated to the art of storytelling through visuals, whether they are own creations or those of clients.

illustration people hugging studio animanova
Graphic Recording by Christoph J Kellner at the World Economic Forum on the theme 3D-printing

Depict with illustration

Since 1998, studio animanova has been dedicated to crafting predominantly figurative illustrations for both children’s and adult literature, film visuals, magazines, and illustrations for business and the vast online landscape. In addition to book illustration, I also specialize in informative graphics. This includes scenariographies, infographics, and scientific illustrations, which breathe life into complex concepts, making them accessible to a broad audience. For corporate communications, I create important strategy and target images or translate short stories into a comic.

The spectrum of artistic creations is diverse, aimed at enriching and complementing written content. Illustration serves as the medium to swiftly narrate stories through visuals. It can illustrate, elucidate, interpret, or augment. Illustrations bring abstract concepts to life, making them comprehensible and effectively conveying messages. Simultaneously, they always captivate and entertain. Images possess a timeless, multilingual, and truly international quality. Yet, they remain unique and individual, as each accomplished illustrator leaves their distinctive mark. Illustration is indeed something extraordinary.

Move by animation

Animation is movement. Movement is vitality. Animation (Lat. animare’ to bring to life) is, in a narrower sense, any technique where a sequence of diverse individual frames creates a moving image for the viewer. Animation grants the power to infuse static images or objects with life by imparting them with motion and dynamism. Animated GIFs create attention. In the interplay of animated visuals and sound, stories spring to life, tones evoke moods, and music awakens emotions.

Since 1998 I have been designing and drawing for short animated films, producing and crafting explanatory films. . Film can explain complex topics in a convincing and understandable way, and animated film in particular can do just that. This is because in animation, there are no narrative boundaries. Imagination opens doors to other worlds that move, touch, and spark curiosity. “To Infinity… and beyond” (Toy Story, 1995). In other words, this is where I where I feel truly at home.

Documenting with Graphic Recording

Since 2002, I have worked as a graphic recorder, illustrating complex topics worldwide in both German and English. But what exactly is graphic recording?

Graphic Recording or visual documentation is an innovative method of capturing information in real time in a visual way. By actively listening and drawing on the spot, I distill the key points of what is being said into a visual representation. The combination of drawing and text makes for a very clear presentation. This process not only produces a visual record of the discussed topics, ideas, and messages but also creates a one-of-a-kind snapshot of the event itself.

Graphic recording is becoming increasingly prevalent at conferences, meetings, and workshops as a way to visually document discussions. This can be achieved through analog or digital methods, using concise sketchnotes or larger knowledge walls. With many years of experience, I can recommend the most suitable format for your event.

Please find a broad spectrum of offerings including book and informative illustration, strategic visuals, scenariography, and comics within the Illustration section.

Learn more about animated film, about important steps of an explainer film production and my offerings in the section animation.

For more information on graphic recording, sketchnotes, knowledge walls, and graphic facilitation, please visit the Graphic Recording section on my website.

I am available for new projects. Feel free to reach out to me. Together, we can bring ideas to life through visual storytelling.