Informative illustrations

Informative illustrations harnesses the power of visual representation to present information through images in a structured manner. In the first place it enhances understanding and is particularly useful when making complex or abstract topics accessible to a broad audience. When data or concepts are conveyed through informative illustrations they become clear and easily understandable. They clarify content and help the audience better grasp what is being presented. To that end they are often used in educational materials, presentations, books, articles, and on the internet.


Infographics visually represent data. They often combine text with graphics and charts to present statements, statistics, or additional information in a concise and engaging format. They help explain facts and provide an impression of the complexity and relationships within a topic.

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Informative illustrations: Illustrated Maps / Timelines & Chronologies

Maps and city plans have always fascinated me. With a single glance, you can learn so much about the city you live in, the country you’re traveling to or hope to visit someday. Maps can convey geographical information, population distributions, and political boundaries. Illustrated maps can enhance this with local peculiarities, popular travel routes, or special events. In timelines or chronologies, history can be illustrated in a chronological sequence of historical events. A collection of images can serve as a picture gallery to depict changes or developments over time. Timelines, whether horizontal or vertical, allow for capturing milestones at a glance and facilitate understanding of temporal relationships and resulting developments.

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Informative illustrations: Technical Drawings & Instructions

Anatomical illustrations depict the structure of the human body or other living beings to explain medical or biological concepts. Illustrations of plants, flowers, botanical details are helpful for species identification and displaying characteristics. This is how technical drawings also work. They illustrate technical concepts or instructions and visually represent them. They magnify detailed views of mechanical or technical objects to better illustrate their functioning. Therefore they are often found in manuals, construction guides, or technical documentation.

Scientific Illustration

Scientific illustration makes scientific concepts, phenomena, and processes visually accessible. Images help generate an understanding of scientific topics that is often closed off to non-scientists. Illustrations assist in visually explaining research projects, experiments, and methods. This not only supports the public relations efforts of research institutions but also fosters people’s interest and curiosity in scientific research. Scientific illustration can convey information in a serious and factual manner but can also use wit and humor to convey the topics that engage the scientific community.

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Informative illustration Scenariography Society How do we want to live? studio animanova

Informative illustrations: Scenario Images / Scenario Graphics

Scenario images, also known as scenario graphics, are visual representations of potential situations, events, or scenarios. These images are used to illustrate various possibilities or consequences of a plan, decision, or future development. They help to creatively envision how specific actions or changes could impact the real world. The purpose of scenario images is to convey complex ideas and possibilities visually, in order to enhance decision-making, communication, and understanding.

Scenario images are primarily used in planning contexts. In future planning, businesses utilize scenario graphics to envision how their products or services could evolve in different market scenarios. In environmental and urban planning, scenario images can help depict potential changes in a city or region, such as the impacts of climate extremes. They are also employed in crisis management to predict how different decisions during a crisis could unfold. In research and development, researchers use scenario images to visualize potential outcomes of experiments or studies. Scenario graphics are also used in educational institutions or corporate training to simulate real-life situations and enhance participants’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Informative Illustration Scenariography Society South Tyrol How do we want to live? studio animanova

Informative illustrations: Hidden objects poster

A Hidden Objects Poster, as its name suggests, is a type of poster that vividly illustrates a bustling scene. Brimming with a multitude of details, you can find diverse characters, myriad objects, as well as dynamic actions. These captivating illustrations are not only humorous and playful but also exceptionally colorful, making them come to life before your eyes. Hidden Objects posters are renowned for their ability to captivate viewers. Given that, they invite to explore various elements and discover small stories or subtle interactions among the characters. It’s worth noting that a Hidden Object poster can skillfully convey a wide array of scenarios. It can depict cityscapes, landscapes, vibrant markets, street scenes, public events, among many others.

What’s truly fascinating is that Hidden Objects posters enjoy immense popularity across all age groups. They offer a delightful and engaging means of exploring each scene, meticulously attending to the finest details, and, perhaps, uncovering well-concealed elements. In the realm of visual art, Hidden Objects posters are a unique and interactive form that grants viewers the freedom to submerge themselves within a vibrant and bustling world. This allows for the constant discovery of fresh details and narratives, creating a truly immersive experience.

Consequently, it’s not surprising that Hidden Objects posters are frequently employed as decorative elements in various settings, including schools, libraries, and children’s rooms.

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My offer in informative Illustration

Under Informative Illustration, I have summarized all those moments that often represent complex topics, are difficult to explain in words alone, and therefore are easier to understand when visualized. I greatly enjoy working across disciplines and across topics, making connections, and weaving through the threads. Above all, I learn in the process and that motivates me.

Please write to me if you would like professional assistance with the visual representation of your complex topic.