Knowledge Wall

A presentation method

A knowledge wall is a presentation method used in learning contexts. It is used to organize information, data or ideas visually and to present them in an appealing way. When existing knowledge is structured and presented in an organized manner, it becomes more accessible and easier to share with others. Often, this results in a comprehensive overview (also known as a bigger or rich picture). That depicts various perspectives on a subject and also reveals connections.

Knowledge Wall – a concept tool

The Knowledge Wall is a valuable tool to visualize complex topics. It is often created using diverse elements like drawings, notes, maps, illustrations, infographics, statistics and other visuals. These support to present information in an engaging and easily understandable way. When well-presented, it greatly facilitates access to knowledge. It also serves as a reference point for organizing ideas and illustrating the entirety of knowledge surrounding a context or project.

The concept of a Knowledge Wall can be effectively utilized in work environments as well, to make project information, schedules, idea development, task allocation, and other relevant information visible to a team. This can promote collaboration, knowledge exchange, and transparency.

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How does it work?

A Knowledge Wall requires time for research and a suitable visual concept. It is usually created before the event. During an event, it can be supplemented with the experiences, ideas and knowledge of the participants on-site. Similar to Graphic Recording, key messages, insights and experiences are captured, but not in real-time. The illustrator initially works on their own, using notes to gather the essence conveyed through listening or feedback from participants. The possibility of iteration allows for the creation of clearer, more distinct models that are then visually transferred to the presentation wall. Depending on the available time, the size of the wall, and the nature of the event, it may also be beneficial to collaborate as a team.

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