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Digital and on-site live Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording extends its reach into the digital realm as well. In this setting, the process closely resembles analog drawing, but instead of pencil and paper, I use a stylus on a drawing tablet. The digital canvas can seamlessly integrate with the event’s stage design, allowing for projection on a larger screen, making it easily visible to all participants. This live digital graphic recording can be employed for hybrid events or fully online formats. In this scenario, I can either draw on-site in the recording studio or, as an alternative, participate remotely from my own studio.

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Digital Graphic Recording remotely from the studio

When I work from the studio, I can directly connect my hardware to the event’s communication software via the internet. My drawing canvas becomes one of the windows within the online event. However, given that the screen area is shared among various participants, including moderators and presentations, displaying the digital graphic recording continuously might occupy excessive space. It’s important to consider our distinct viewing habits when interacting with screens, which can differ from a live setting. On screens, our attention tends to be more concentrated and focused. When multiple activities occur simultaneously, it can become overwhelming.

Therefore, I recommend tailoring the approach to suit the specific event or process. It’s advantageous to identify key moments for participants to either observe the progress or view the final digital graphic recording. This can be achieved by screen sharing during appropriate intervals, such as breaks. Alternatively, we can collectively review the completed illustration at the conclusion of the event.

The online format offers the benefit of broader participation, accommodating individuals from various locations. However, due to screen space limitations, it’s advisable to schedule designated moments during the process for real-time engagement with the evolving digital graphic recording. I am here to assist with planning and optimizing the experience to its fullest potential.

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