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Explainer video

An explainer video is a short film that explains information, concepts, or processes in a simple and visual manner. This type of film often combines animation techniques with a narrated script, known as a voice-over, to make it easier for viewers to understand a topic. Explainer videos are used in various fields such as education, eLearning, and corporate communication. Image films and corporate videos can also be created in the style of an explainer video. When a production allows for more time and budget, animated explainer videos are a wonderful way to tell a story with movement, liveliness, humor, and emotion. If animation efforts need to be scaled back, lovingly drawn, illustrated explainer videos with less motion are a good alternative.

Explainer video Stills studio animanova

How an Explainer Video is Created

The production of an explainer video requires careful planning, creativity, and filmmaking expertise. You want to tell a story, explain a concept – but where do you start?

Concept Development for an Explainer Video

It all begins with defining the purpose of the video. This involves discussing which topic needs explanation, how, and for whom the video should convey specific content. In the initial concept, the video’s main message and target audience are established. The message should be precise to ensure easy understanding. The visual style that best suits the message and whether it harmonizes with the target audience is decided. Additionally, the tone to accompany the explainer video is determined to support the core message optimally.

During script development, numerous ideas are generated, tested, and evaluated before selecting the most suitable ones for the explainer video. In this process, it may be necessary to discard good ideas (“kill your darlings”) if they distract from the main message or disrupt the narrative flow. This step often involves making decisions about which content will advance the video most effectively and convey the message.

The Script is Key

Once a coherent concept for the explainer video is developed, a detailed script is written. This script outlines the story’s progression, the characters, dialogues, scenes, and visual elements. The story is told step by step, with the content well-structured, clear, and logically presented. A well-written script is the key to success. It forms the foundation upon which everything else is built. It defines not only the narrative style and how the message is communicated to the audience but also the film’s rhythm and length.

If you choose to narrate the story with a voiceover, a shorter, concise script containing only the spoken text is required. This voice-over script should be clear, precise, and easily understandable, with simple, short sentences. Ideally, the finished script is also the voice-over script, ready for recording. Be sure to select a professional voice actor for your explainer video who can clearly and engagingly convey the message. The voice matters.


Based on the script, the storyboard for the explainer video is developed. This involves transforming the script into visual sketches. Each scene is carefully thought out and visualized to plan the visual sequence and flow of the film. The storyboard includes sketches that show how an image/scene is composed. It reveals the arrangement of narrative elements, the positions of characters, objects, and backgrounds. The storyboard also defines camera perspectives and tests how scenes fit together. In the editing concept, decisions are made about which transitions best support the narrative flow.

Visual Design of an Explainer Video

The visual design of an explainer video plays a crucial role in shaping the mood, aesthetics, and overall impression of the film. Every story and video has its own visual language. However, it’s important that the chosen style aligns with the message and target audience. Colors have a significant influence on the film’s mood. Warm colors create an inviting atmosphere, while cooler colors often convey a professional distance.

Consistency, including in the color palette, helps make the entire film cohesive and appealing. During the design development, all visual elements such as characters, backgrounds, objects, and frames are created specifically for the explainer video. Character design should allow for clear emotional expressions and body postures. Backgrounds support the scenes without distracting from the main elements.

Ensure that the chosen style, color scheme, and message of the explainer video align with your brand and company. A consistent visual identity helps convey your message uniformly and authentically.

Animation in an Explainer Video

Through animation, characters and objects come to life. Animation can be time-consuming because it involves many steps and details to achieve high-quality and smooth motion. In intricate 2D animation, each frame must be drawn individually. Each second consists of 25 frames to create seamless motion. For the explainer video, the scenes are animated according to the storyboard. This process requires time, patience, and is usually quite rough.

Once all the scenes are animated, the clean-up of each individual frame follows. Each sketch is turned into a clean, detailed drawing. Subsequently, all the drawings are colored in. Matching the visual style of the film, a carefully crafted color palette is used. Colors significantly influence the mood and message of the film. Only after coloring the images do we see the final visual design of the film.

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In post-production, all elements of the film are brought together. The animations are synced with the voice-over. Visual effects are used to make sequences more dynamic and lively. Additionally, a specially crafted sound design featuring music, sound effects, and ambient noises breathes life into the film and enhances moods. Frame by frame, the computer processes the film and exports it into the desired video format.

Once the explainer video is complete, it can be published and distributed on various platforms such as websites, social media, or presentations.

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My Offer for Your Explainer Video

Are you looking to produce an explainer video and need assistance? Feel free to send me your concept, and together, we can develop a suitable language in text and imagery that effectively conveys your messages clearly, engagingly, and memorably to your desired target audience. Studio animanova can handle all further steps in creating your explainer video. With years of experience in producing videos for companies of various sizes and industries, I can tailor all aspects of the video, from the storyboard, design, and animation to the selection of a professional narrator and music, build the compositing, and start the final rendering, to meet your specific needs. Interested? Please get in touch with me.