Sketch Notes

Sketchnoting is a creative method for taking personal memos that involve using both text and visual elements such as drawings and symbols to capture information. Similar to Graphic Recording, Sketch Notes aim to visualize information, enhance understanding, and strengthen memory. The concept behind is to present concepts and information in a visual format rather than relying solely on plain text. In other words, it’s about “drawing along” rather than “writing along.” The word formation from “sketch” and “note” essentially derives the definition. In comparison to the comprehensive approach of Graphic Recording, sketch noting tends to focus on a specific moment, individual scenes, or models.

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The main difference between Sketch Notes and Graphic Recording is that Sketch Notes are generally personal memos or comments. Individuals create them for themselves to capture and organize ideas. Graphic recording, on the other hand, is a professional service. During an event, a Graphic Recorder creates real-time visual summaries that are often visible to the participants. The Graphic Recording is then used as a documentation of the event’s outcomes.

sketch note graphic recording illustration studio animanova english

Both approaches utilize visualization alongside text to effectively convey information. However, they differ in their application scenarios and objectives. Sketch noting is generally easier to understand individually. Since they contain less information, they are lighter and can be enjoyable. You can use illustrations in sketch notes and employ quick, fleeting notes as a stylistic device.

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